LBA-Linux R2 is the next step in the evolution of LBA-Linux.


New features in R2

LBA-Linux R2 offers a number of new and exciting improvements over R1:

  • Pre-installed LBA Office, giving you instant productivity.
  • A manual disk partitioning option for those who like a hands-on approach to installation.
  • An encrypted filesystem in each user's home directory, for extra privacy and security.
  • The GNOME 2.6 desktop, including gtk2 2.4.
  • Installation media that doubles as a rescue disk - use it to repair a broken LBA-Linux system.
  • MD5SUM check before you install - a new integrity checker in the installer can scan all packages on the installation CD before installation begins.
  • Many usability improvements, visual enhancements, and over 100 bug-fixes.

System requirements

LBA-Linux R2 is designed for systems meeting the following requirements:

  • Processor: 1.2 GHz
  • RAM: 256MB
  • Hard drive:
    • 2.0GB for a 1-CD installation
    • 3.4GB for a 2-CD installation
    • 5.2GB for a 3-CD or full DVD installation

Installation Media


LBA-Linux R2 is distributed as a single Foundation CD (containing the LBA-Linux Installer) and two optional bonus software CDs. The distribution is also available in DVD format.

  • The first LBA-Linux CD (the Foundation CD) is essential to installing LBA-Linux R2 as a functional desktop system. Just boot from the Foundation CD to run LBA-Linux's installation program.

Additional software can be downloaded directly, using the Updater tool, or installed from the LBA-Linux bonus software CDs:

  • The second CD contains the KDE desktop, a variety of multimedia applications, and several network services.
  • The third CD includes a number of development software for programmers and developers.


LBA-Linux R2 is also available on DVD. The DVD version of LBA-Linux R2 contains the software from all three CDs, making it a complete, all-in-one installation package.

Security updates

Security updates will be released over the lifetime of LBA-Linux R2. It is important to apply these updates as they become available. Subscribe to the LBA-Linux security updates mailing list to be immediately notified when security updates are released, or read the current list at

Use the LBA-Linux Updater tool to download and apply all available updates.

LBA-Linux R2 replaces earlier versions of LBA-Linux. Security updates for LBA-Linux R1 will no longer be released.

Learn more

You can learn more about LBA-Linux by participating in the LBA-Linux forums and reading the on-line guides available at the LBA-Linux community website.

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