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jakarta-commons-daemon - Jakarta Commons Daemon Package

Website: http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/daemon/
License: Apache Software License 2.0
Vendor: Scientific Linux
The scope of this package is to define an API in line with the current
Java(tm) Platform APIs to support an alternative invocation mechanism
which could be used instead of the above mentioned public static void
main(String[]) method.  This specification cover the behavior and life
cycle of what we define as Java(tm) daemons, or, in other words, non
interactive Java(tm) applications.


jakarta-commons-daemon-1.0.1-6jpp.1.i386 [43 KiB] Changelog by Deepak Bhole (2006-08-17):
- Added missing requirements
- Fixed bug that cause post/postun to not run when built with --with native

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