KDE (K Desktop Environment)

kdemultimedia - Multimedia applications for the K Desktop Environment (KDE).

Website: http://www.kde.org
License: GPL
Vendor: Scientific Linux
The K Desktop Environment (KDE) is a GUI desktop for the X Window
System. The kdemultimedia package contains multimedia applications for
KDE, including:

  kmid, a midi player
  kmix, an audio mixer
  arts, additional functionality for the aRts sound system
  kaboodle, a media player
  noatun, a media player
  krec, a recording tool
  kscd, an Audio-CD player
  kaudiocreator, a graphical frontend for audio file creation


kdemultimedia-3.5.4-2.fc6.i386 [7.4 MiB] Changelog by Than Ngo (2006-09-06):
- fix file conflict #202944

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