netpbm-progs - Tools for manipulating graphics files in netpbm supported formats

License: BSD and GPLv2 and IJG and MIT and Public Domain
Vendor: Scientific Linux
The netpbm-progs package contains a group of scripts for manipulating the
graphics files in formats which are supported by the netpbm libraries.  For
example, netpbm-progs includes the rasttopnm script, which will convert a
Sun rasterfile into a portable anymap.  Netpbm-progs contains many other
scripts for converting from one graphics file format to another.

If you need to use these conversion scripts, you should install
netpbm-progs.  You'll also need to install the netpbm package.


netpbm-progs-10.35.58-8.el5.i386 [2.0 MiB] Changelog by Jindrich Novy (2009-04-16):
- fix changelog
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