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gdb - A GNU source-level debugger for C, C++, Java and other languages

License: GPLv3+
Vendor: Scientific Linux
GDB, the GNU debugger, allows you to debug programs written in C, C++,
Java, and other languages, by executing them in a controlled fashion
and printing their data.


gdb-7.0.1-23.el5_5.1.x86_64 [2.3 MiB] Changelog by Jan Kratochvil (2010-04-12):
- Fix gstack to print even the frame #0.  New gdb.base/gstack.exp.  (BZ 580833)
- Merge gdb-6.3-gstack-without-path-20060414.p* into gdb-6.3-gstack-20050411.p*,
  no real code change.
- testsuite: Fix gdb.base/gstack.exp also for ppc64 inferiors (for BZ 580833).
- Adjust the %{dist} check for ".el5_5".

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