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openafs-server - OpenAFS Filesystem Server

License: IBM Public License
Vendor: Scientific Linux
The AFS distributed filesystem.  AFS is a distributed filesystem
allowing cross-platform sharing of files among multiple computers.
Facilities are provided for access control, authentication, backup and
administrative management.

This package provides basic server support to host files in an AFS

Configure options enabled for this build:

  bitmap-later:         1
  bos-restricted-mode:  1
  bos-new-config:       1
  fast-restart:         1
  supergroups:          1
  largefile-fileserver: 1
  debugsyms:            1


openafs-server- [2.1 MiB] Changelog by Stephan Wiesand (2018-04-24):
- update to release, to fix readdir() for the 7.5 kernel series

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