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iprutils - Utilities for the IBM Power Linux RAID adapters

Website: http://sourceforge.net/projects/iprdd/
License: CPL
Vendor: Scientific Linux
Provides a suite of utilities to manage and configure SCSI devices
supported by the ipr SCSI storage device driver.


iprutils- [232 KiB] Changelog by Sinny Kumari (2018-06-19):
- Resolves: #1587834 - vpdupdate takes over an hour on system with 104 drive
- Resolves: #1521052 - iprutils package update for POWER
- Resolves: #1547891 - iprconfig unable to Download microcode on all applicable devices
- Resolves: #1576013 - iprconfig tools shows wrong error message, while creating raid using RI SSDs and normal SSDs

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