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shim-unsigned-x64 - First-stage UEFI bootloader (unsigned data)

Website: http://www.codon.org.uk/~mjg59/shim/
License: BSD
Vendor: Scientific Linux
Initial UEFI bootloader that handles chaining to a trusted full bootloader
under secure boot environments.


shim-unsigned-x64-15-1.sl7.x86_64 [454 KiB] Changelog by Scientific Linux Auto Patch Process (2018-11-15):
- Added Source: shim-spec_efidir.patch
-->  hardcode efidir for compat with 7.0-7.5
- Replaced Source: securebootca.cer
-->  Use the FNAL SL signing certificate
- Added Source: shim.ini
-->  Config file for automated patch script

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